Edge ButchersAbout Edge Butchers

Our mission is to produce consistently fantastic tasting meat which is noted to be better than any other local supplier.

Our recipe for great tasting meat since 1844


  • For the animals
  • The land
  • Our customers
  • Our farmers
  • Our staff

The best bred, best fed stock

We buy only local rare or traditionally bred stock. These traditional British Breeds are those which we used to have roaming our countryside before the advent of commercial farming and price driven markets. We buy for the more discerning customer who values the breadth and depth of flavour which these breeds develop under the right circumstances; the right circumstances being, a long life (these breeds mature slowly and naturally) and good natural feed which the stock are born to eat, i.e. grass. Grass fed stock is healthier for us and healthier for the animals. The meat produced from grass fed animals is higher in good fats and lower in bad fats. Some argue it actually lowers overall blood cholesterol.

Local stock- in most cases our supply chain is us and the farmer!

All our stock is sourced within a 25 mile radius. This cuts food miles to a minimum. We slaughter all our beef and lamb on the premises. Our pork is slaughtered in Wrexham in a small slaughterhouse with the same high standards as ourselves. Our chickens are slaughtered on the farm where they are bred. Travelling long distances is stressful for animals so all our stock travel with their farmers whom they know for a maximum of 40 minutes. Stress is bad for the welfare of any animal and it is detrimental to the taste of the meat. We also believe that supporting our local communities is positive for the area. Surely we should all, wherever we live, support our local farmers, environments and economies.


Shocking revelations of how supply chains can deceive and con customers have slashed the UK confidence in supermarkets.

Our supply chain is us and the farmer. We can not only tell you the species you are eating ;-), but we have a personal relationship with each of our local farmers so we know all about the farm, the farmer, the feed, and are able to ensure the welfare standards of all our livestock.

The best kept stock

We are up there with the best because we care and we act responsibly towards the welfare of all our animals. All our livestock is free range and extensively farmed meaning that our farmers farm naturally adding the minimum of additions to land and feed and have large areas of land for a small number of animals.

The opposite of extensive farming is intensive farming where commercial farms practice high volume farming with high yields per hectare. This type of farming is usually associated with cheap mass produced food for the supermarkets. We inspect our farms regularly and we work closely with the farmers on how they feed and keep the stock in order to produce the healthiest naturally behaving and ultimately tastiest meat. We have agreements with our farmers on standards of husbandry.

Stress free slaughter

A stress free slaughter process is key to great tasting meat and to respect for the life of any animal. We have a small slaughter house which we have extensively refurbished in line with EEC standards where we slaughter our modest number of animals. We work hard to ensure that this process is performed to the highest of welfare standards and have used generations of knowledge and expertise to design the lairage to keep the animals in a calm relaxed and healthy environment.


Optimum hanging

Hanging of carcasses is key to the tenderisation and development of taste in the meat that we eat. We have huge fridges that control the temperature and humidity of the environment so we can optimise the time we can hang meat for. We do hang beef up to 7 weeks which is choice for some. Our beef is generally hung between 4 and 5 weeks.

1st class Butchery

Meeting Callum is meeting a butcher with 5 generations behind him. It is in his bones! It is a pleasure to watch this immense knowledge and passion oozing out. “What Callum doesn’t know about meat, isn’t worth knowing” (Inout magazine, August 2011).

Callum's knowledge and skills have trained all the staff at the shop and perhaps it is this reason that they are known to be the best in the region. Well butchered meat can mean the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

You, our chefs, our cooks, our parents and our children.

We’ve done our bit, now you do yours. Treat meat with the respect it deserves. Eat more of the animal and respect its entirety. Don’t just buy the expensive ‘choice’. Try recipes with cheaper cuts that, with the right love and attention, can be sensational. If you are unsure, ask us or look it up using a reputable source. Try new things, learn and don’t be afraid to experiment.

RSPCA Good Business Awards

rspcaIn 2009, and 2012 we won the RSPCA independent retailer award. In the years between we were finalists.

We are continuously trying to improve ways in which we handle our stock from the farm to the abattoir and involve local vets and other husbandry experts in the evaluation of how we do things.

Sadly the awards have ceased from 2013. We hope they will return. However we guarantee that we will continue to practise with every bit of respect for great animal welfare as long as we are butchers.