Edge ButchersTraditional and Rare breed beef

We supply beef from a range of different breeds and sell packages of meat for the freezer. If you require a special cut or just need some advice on what is best for a recipe you are planning then please give us a call.


One of the most popular of the traditional breeds in the UK. Exported to South America in the 1930s this breed is predicted as the reason why South America became famous for its quality beef. One of our favourites with the largest herd in the UK being in Cheshire. Rich Marbling beef with a creamy fat cover.

white-parkWhite Park

Another one of the oldest of the primitive breeds. Slow maturing animal and a great roughage converter. Often used by the forestry commission to manage hillsides and woodland.


The Dexter is a dual-purpose breed which was originally developed in the South West of Ireland. It is a small beast with a short broad head and a compact, thick set, square body. The breed is usually black but animals can be red or dun. Callum’s wife Debbie doesn’t believe there is better tasting beef than Dexter.

Long Horn

bull headThe English Longhorn is regarded as the oldest pure breed of cattle in England. It is known for its taste and ability to convert its food into lean meat and muscle and has less of a covering of fat than many of the other traditional breeds.

Choosing your cut of beef


If you need help choosing the cut of meat for your next meal then please give us a call.

british-whiteBritish White

British White meat is unique in its distinctive flavour. The meat is relatively lean, exhibits natural marbling and is deep red in colour.

aberdeen-angusAberdeen Angus

Probably one of the most famous of the rare breeds and now being successfully bred throughout the country. Our Angus meat comes from the grasslands of the Wirral. It is well known for its taste and texture.