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Butchers Wife Produce16 December: We are no longer taking Christmas pre-orders but please call our shops New Ferry: 0151 645 3044 or  Delifonseca on 0151 255 0808 with any questions or requests.

Christmas opening:
• Saturday 22 December: 8.00am - 5.00pm
• Sunday 23 December: 8.00am - 5.00pm
• Monday 24 December: 8.00am - 4.00pm
New Year
• Thursday 27 December: 8.00am - 5.00pm
• Friday 28 December: 8.00am - 5.00pm
• Saturday 29 December: 8.00am - 5.00pm


Christmas Poultry with Provenance

Bronze turkeysAll our poultry is free range from local farms.

Our Traditional Wirral Turkeys are bred by our farmer, Sally Lee, in Willaston, Wirral. The bronze and black birds originate back from their Norfolk cousins and mature naturally and slowly in a free range environment. This gives our customer the best flavour and gives the animal the life and respect it deserves. The birds are kept inside in a large, spacious shed at night time for predator protection and let out during the day within the farm's generous pasture. They eat a natural diet from the land and with added oats and wheat. Nothing artificial or anything that would promote unnatural growth is added to any feed. The birds live for over 6 months having been born in May each year. This lifetime is over double what many 'free range' commercial birds enjoy which are bred and fed to grow artificially quickly.

Our turkeys are killed on the farm which reduces any stress. The birds are dry (hand) plucked and then game hung for 2 weeks with their giblets to develop even more flavour. We do not use any gas flushing. We believe our process from birth to your table is the best possible we can make it.

Our geese are from Shropshire and are from the Norfolk-based Danish Legarth strain of breeding stock. As with all our livestock they live a natural life roaming acres of countryside and have a natural diet free from additives. They too are killed on the farm for minimum stress. Exceptional poultry from Will and Jenny; our exceptional farmers at Brisbourne Geese.

Order a turkey

Order your Turkey below and pay a deposit of £20.00 for your turkey and choose the approximate weight, you can pay the balance when you pick up your turkey which will be charged as follows:

• 5.00-5.99kg @ £14.00 per kg    • 6.00-6.99kg @ £13.00 per kg
• 7.00-7.99kg @ £13.00 per kg    • 8.00-8.99kg @ £12.00 per kg
• 9.00-9.99kg @ £11.00 per kg    • Over 10kg @ £10.00 per kg

Whole Turkey

Whole turkeyBuying tip: Allow 1/2 to 3/4 kg per person. Please note: that these prices are for dressed birds, i.e. ready for your oven. All birds will be supplied with their giblets vac-packed, so easily discarded if not required, for the best gravy and stock making.

Turkey Crown

Crown Turkey Turkey breast and wings on the bone, legs removed and supplied. Charged at whole bird price but you should allow a little extra for each serving compared to a whole turkey, 1/3 to 2/3 kg per person.

Turkey Roll

Turkey rollThe whole bird including white and dark meat is boned and rolled for an exceptionally easy carve. £5.00 will be charged on top of the bird weight. The roll is approx. 2/3 the weight of a whole turkey and you should allow 1/3 to 2/3 kg per person.

Poultry & Game

If you don't want a turkey we offer a range of other poultry and game:


Buying tip: 4kg-5kg will feed 4-5 people, 5kg-6kg will feed 6-8 people, 6-7kg will feed 8-10 people. Goose is charged at £14.50 per kg, order and pay a deposit of £20.


Please choose weight of either 3-4kg or 4-5kg. Capon is charged at £8.50 per kg and pay a deposit of £10.00.


Please order the number of Gressingham Ducks you need below and pay a £10 deposit. Ducks are typically 2-3kg and are charged at £6.80 per kg.


If you would like a Flock Roast, please call Debbie on 0777 575 8719 or Callum on 0151 645 3044 to discuss your requirements.


You will receive an email confirming your order, we should have no problem supplying any amount of chipolata sausages, our home cured bacon selection and sausage meat, so there is no need to order it at this point.


Gluten FreeMade entirely in the Butcher's Wife's own kitchen, all your kitchen delights from under one roof. All products are homemade from the best ingredients and Debbie's own recipes. Know for her ability with flavours, you can be assured that your Christmas will be packed with great tastes that you are welcome to pass off as your own!

Scroll down to see the full range and place your order. These are available for pre-order with your meat order, you can buy them from our shops but we cannot guarantee they will be available as we only have limited supplies. Both our gravy & and sage and onion stuffing is Gluten Free.

Homemade Sage and Onion Stuffing Sage and Onion stuffing
Gluten free. 400g
Serves 4-6
Traditional Wirral Stuffing Wirral stuffing
Made with poultry livers,cranberries and smoked bacon.
400g. Serves 4-6
Homemade Bread Sauce Bread sauceSeasoned beautifully with hints of cloves and nutmeg and bags of double cream, serves 6
Real homemade gravy GravyMade with our own turkey stock and all those seasonal flavours.
It also happens to be gluten-free!

Chestnut stuffing roulade Chestnut stuffingAdd a cheffy look to your table. With chestnuts, 1844 sausage meat, dates and smoked bacon.
Sensational! Exceeds 380g, serves 6.
Meat free stuffing balls Meat free stuffingWith goats cheese, Winter fruits and nuts.
4 Balls.
Homemade Cranberry Sauce CranberryMade with fresh cranberries, spice, citrus and a glut of port. Serves 4-6 240ml.
Fruit & Maple glaze for gammon Maple glazeMade with fruit, mustard and honey.

Vegetarian WellingtonMade with delicately spiced tofu, goats cheese, winter fruits and herbs, all wrapped in a delicate spinach filo parcel. Serves one.
Pigs in blanketsMade with our 1844 sausage meat and wrapped in smoked streaky bacon. Pack of 12.

Edgetarian  Tea Towels

New for this year we have some beautiful, quality cotton/linen mix tea towels. A perfect gift this Christmas designed for discerning meat lovers.

Pack of 3 - (1 of each design) - £16.50.

Tea cloths


Another great Christmas present idea is our £20 Vouchers, you can use these in the shop or towards our legendary Masterclass with Callum (full cost £120), find out more about the Masterclass.