Free Range Pork

Edge ButchersWe source different breeds of pork to give you the best choice of pork. We can supply whole or half carcasses for freezing as well as the cuts you need.

We can also supply  whole or half hog roasts.

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Saddleback pig
Saddleback pigs

At Seena Farm with Liz Thomas
and her Saddleback pigs

Saddleback pig
Gloucester Old Spot pigs

Gloucester Old Spot piglets
Nigel Jones at Liverpool University Farm

Oxford Sandy Back
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Gloucester Old Spots

Our Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs (or Gloucester Old Spots) produce pork and bacon that is succulent, tender and full of flavour.

Some say that sausages and pork pies from Gloucester Old Spots are the finest you can get! Its outstanding qualities as a mother may have helped the breed survive, for crossing with other breeds. It is now once again rightfully esteemed for its own culinary characteristics.

pigs-in-fieldBritish Saddleback from Mold

A very important breed noted for its hardiness and mothering ability. Ideally suited to an outdoor life and natural conditions, the Saddleback can help restore soil structure and fertility to land spoiled by intensive arable farming. British Saddleback pork and bacon is of very high quality.

Middle White

The crispiest crackling, the best flavoured fat and fantastic tasting meat make Middle White pork an outstanding eating experience. A "beautifully ugly" specialist porker, the Middle White is docile and a very caring mother. Unusually for pigs, it can get much of its dietary requirements from grazing rather than rooting.

Pork cuts

We can supply all types of cuts and our expert butchers are happy to advise on the best cuts and quantities needed for any recipes that you are planning!

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