Rare breed lamb and mutton

Edge ButchersWe supply lamb from a range of different breeds and sell packages of meat for the freezer. If you require a special cut or just need some advice on what is best for a recipe you are planning then please give us a call.


Callum Edge at Seena Farm
with Liz Thomas and her
Hebridean sheep

Hebridean sheep


Feeding Hebridean sheep
Hebridean sheep
Hebridean lamb
Salt marsh lamb

Burton Salt Marsh Lamb
Callum Edge with Alex Crossley

Salt Marsh Lambs
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Black faced Suffolk

Known for growing slowly with a uniquely fabulous flavour and exquisite fat layer.

Suffolk sheep

Hebridean Lamb And Mutton

The Hebridean meat is dark succulent and tender, the Hebridean sheep are slow growing animals. It is well known that slow growing plants and animals are healthier so taste better.

Hebridean sheep in fact grow at half the speed of conventional sheep.

Hebredean Sheep

Choosing your cut of lamb or mutton

Lamb cuts