Chicken, Turkey and Game

We supply poultry from a range local free range farms and our seasonal game is supplied from licensed shoots in the area.


chicken-farmWe work with farmers that breed local chickens such as the Traditional Wirral Chicken.

Our farmers take time testing various breeds and crosses to decide on what they think is the best free range chicken around e.g. crossing a Hubbard with a Colour Yield. The birds live for around 100 days in a thoroughly extensive free range environment.

Our fine dining chefs say ‘they cook like no other’. Our customers know that our chickens are bred better, live better, have a better texture, cook better and taste better than anything you can find in a supermarket or elsewhere locally.


christmas-turkeySally Hawkins in Willaston breeds all our turkeys.

Sally breeds traditional Wirral Black and Wirral bronze birds for us because we believe these are the best tasting birds you can get. They are properly free range, live a minimum of 6 months and are simply delicious.

Traditionally a Christmas fair, turkey is now becoming more popular at other times of year.


Our geese are bred  by Jenny Bradbourne in Shropshire, and are entirely free range. We stock them mostly at Christmas and they are available to order at other times.


All game sold in season.

Please call us on 0151 645 3044 or email us at with your requirements.

Game to sell - We are also interested to hear from you if you have any game you wish to sell