Edge ButchersSausages and bacon

We make all our own sausages including the classic 1844 which we are famous for.

The 1844 sausage is made using the original recipe from Callum's great great grandfather who built the shop in New Ferry in 1844. Callum says the secret to a good sausage is simple. A good pig! Our sausages are made from our own rare breed pork from either Ness, Mold or Chester.



BaconOur bacon is cured by using cures that have been in the family for generations.

We supply green (unsmoked) and smoked bacon.


SausagesWe make all our own sausages to our family recipes.

Other sausage recipes include pork and leek, beef, beef and tomato, cumberland, lincolnshire, black pudding and pork, boerwors, pork and apple, pork and mustard, venison, pork and cranberry, tomato and basil,sweet chilli, chipolata- to name a few.

We also do a fabulous GLUTEN FREE sausage - delicious whether you are allergic or not!